In order to perfect agile marketing principles in a large set up, some guidelines have been suggested. First of all, the right place or project needs to be indentified to implement agile principles. The project must by very nature be complex. A business consulting expert who has worked with these methods for years needs to be involved in this.Business analytics must be tracked to gauge the effectiveness during the progress. Third parties must not be involved much. The team must be located at one place as agile is difficult to implement with remote employees. Also the team must have cross-functional abilities. Crucially, the project must be one for which an executive sponsor can readily be sourced. Both the  top-down and bottom-up approaches need to be ignored in favour of a more hybrid approach as typically agile starts working from small setups. The structure is one around which the agile implementation teams need to work on. They must not get the impression, that agile involved reworking the structure.


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