The role of sales professionals has now evolves enormously with time. While earlier, salespersons could control information on product, pricing or availability, now they are often contacted by the customer at the last stage when purchase decision has already been made after deep study. Thus, salespeople need to reinvent in order to become relevant once again to businesses. Brand building starts from inside and similarly the best of sales personnel generate top level Voice of the Customer within the organization. Top brands avoid selling, but instead develop emotional links with customers. In this way, such organizations avoid chasing customers. Instead the best of customers become brand advocates by influencing many others to choose the product over others. Top brands do not simply copy trends, but believe in business innovation. Several organizations indulge in unfair business or trade practices and then feel the need to compensate which they do by ‘giving back’ to society. Top brands do not have such pressures as they never indulge in any questionable practices. Once a commitment has been made by such reliable brands, they stick by them. Finally, they create experiences that hit the various touch points during a customer’s journey. In this way, customers associate respective brands with experiences and keep coming back for the simple pleasures.


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