Due to the constant changes in the market place wrought about by business innovation, product disruption, technological changes and development of platforms, it is impossible to settle on marketing maxims in the present business environment. The ideal state of marketing is but an illusion during such times. Yet companies must continue to strive to achieve such a state.  For that companies need to work backwards and see what customers really want. The company must agree on what exactly they mean by perfection. The goals of the organization must be balanced with what consumers want. If the latter is ignored in favour of short term gains, future growth may be adversely impacted. The company must try to understand the touch points during a customer’s journey to avail their products. A lot of data is available today, yet its usage patterns are inconsistent. Data analysis must study the reasons for buying products rather than simply tracking the trends. Crucially, all different aspects of the marketing must be streamlined together. Internal team alignment must be evaluated as a KPI.


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