There are certain aspects where well known brands can copy from startups, else the latter will disrupt the former’s market even more than being done presently. A mobile-first mindset is essential these days with examples such as Uber and Lyft that have proven this theorem. Geographical limitations are reduced by using this stratagem. A bold vision must be etched out in the corporate strategy as that will give the company direction to move in the right path and cut out deviations. The vision must actually be wedded into the way the organization works rather than just being a fancy document. Modern day marketing is not about being loud but sending individually crafter communication to different kinds of buyer personas. The world is better connected than ever before thus digital marketing must be used to curate advertisement for the brand to ensure maximum reach. As Steve Jobs once famously quipped that cannibalizing one’s own products is necessary before others do so, firms must actively look to disrupt their own brands before competitors do so.


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