The word engagement has added whole new chapters to the game of marketing. All companies want to tout the same, but few play the right game. Some common myths exist which are incorrect. For example, it is commonly perceived that customer want to have relationships with brands whereas in reality marketing research done by CEB clearly puts this myth in its place. More than three-fourths of respondents do not want any such. Similarly, it is considered that greater interaction of the customer with the brand is always a good thing, but in truth too much of it can lead to customers suffering from information overload. Similarly engagement on a regular basis is less important, more pertinent is sharing common values. A number of companies are winning brand loyalists by flouting societal or environmental best practices. Others like Apple are creating a sense of superiority among users. Brands must take not make direct enemies by going to personal. Similarly, they must not dwell on such individual rivalries but simply move on as Microsoft has for the most part. Instead of such close scrutiny brands must instead focus on problem to solution scenarios.


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