A study conducted reveals that in order to deliver top notch customer service, it is essential to imbibe a sense of collaboration within the organization. Collaboration is the new competitive advantage and thus some ways have been defined to enhance the same. First of all top-down decision making impedes creativity and business innovations cannot be implemented smoothly. Sometimes it is effective to actually leave the office premises for a duration of time to relieve the team of stress. Instead of sitting around cubicles and information being shut down within silos, it is effective for teams across the organization to take leisurely strolls around the premises and discuss light work matters. There are some things that companies must avoid at all costs such as allowing negativity to grow within the ranks. The senior management often tries to use competition as a means of motivating staff, but this can prove detrimental to fostering collaboration. Quality management is a channel which must be used to generate genuine feedback about ways to improve the work flow. The management and other employees must collaborate towards this ideal.


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