With the introduction of inbound marketing in 2005, most marketers abandoned outbound marketing instead making it more effective and not realizing that both are not mutually exclusive. Now with Big data and  predictive sales research solutions, Victoria Godfrey thinks that data-driven campaigns are making outbound marketing more effective and should be an integral part of a company’s marketing effort.  

Just having big data was not enough. Business intelligence for making the right marketing decisions to reach the right audiences was required. Analytics makes this possible by providing reliable information about conversion triggers which assist brands in making effective decisions while implementing outbound marketing strategy. This is not all. Big data analytics also assists in identifying most likely to purchase prospects for its outbound marketing and for building an ideal “customer profile” thereby reducing the time and money involved in researching targets or contacting irrelevant prospects.

The trend is clear. Now with big data and analytics, outbound marketing is highly targeted and not a hit-or-miss exercise of the past. So, don’t write off outbound marketing. Make it more effective by tapping the potential of the available data.

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