According to Accenture Study Challenges to becoming a customer-focused digital enterprise include digital strategy ownership, organizational readiness, and establishing metrics to measure digital success Customer experience has become the heart of the digital transformation drive of companies. Key findings of Accenture Interactive ’s study titled “Digital Transformation in the Age of the Customer” suggests that “Improving the customer experience and satisfaction” is the one of the top business priorities of companies along with “growing revenues,” “improving differentiation,” “accelerating speed to market” and “increasing profitability.” Till now, most of the businesses have not focused on differentiating themselves from others based on the digital customer experience they provide. In fact, only 5% of the companies may be exceeding the expectations of their customers with respect to digital customer experience. The study suggests that there is still confusion in organizations with respect to who should establish the digital vision, whether they have the right people and how can their digital initiative be measured? The study has revealed some interesting and useful recommendations for those who are keen to focus on improving their digital customer experiences to achieve differentiation including the need for all departments to work together like a well oiled machine as digital transformation of a single department will certainly not give the desired results.

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