Keurig which manufactures coffee brewing machines recently had a disappointing spell in the market. It was not doing well and its corporate strategy was not aligned to market needs. In fact the biggest mistake that Keurig did was to ignore signals driving out of data analytics. Once Keurig started tracking data to conduct business analysis, it became clear that Keurig’s strategy was not in line with what people want. To rectify, they started focusing on words such as natural or organic for the coffee as this is what people are geared towards now. The design being sleek was highlighted and in keeping with the environmentally conscious theme of present day users, the reusability of cups was also focused upon. Thus data is not meant for the lab alone, but to actually be used for practical business purposes. Part of this was discussed during a recent summit in Boston. Business research conducted shows that about 90% of executives polled name Big Data analytics as being among their top three priorities. 

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