While working on business analytics, there are certain things which we need to pay attention towards. First is Bounce Rate which must remain as low as possible. The site is probably poorly designed if bounce rate is high. Then there are the landing pages which provide the first impressions that potential customers get. Due diligence must be paid to keep it relevant to ensure conversions. Traffic sources must also be kept an eye on. Conversion rates signify to the marketer the correlation between the digital marketing campaign and the actual worth of the final product. Unique visitors provide us the overall mass and the brand reach. Average session duration or time on site is the barometer to measure the actual contribution the respective web pages made on individual visitors. Page views must also be considered together as that shows the total number of pages within the site, the visitor used up. The more is usually an indication of good content but if time per page remains low, then perhaps there is too much clutter. Exit pages are a perfect indicator of why people are quitting the website and at which stage. Significantly, the most popular pages are often the exit pages as well. The new versus returning visitors ration gives the marketer understanding on brand loyalty among existing customers as well as potential new ones. A healthy mix is needed. Finally one needs to gauge site content as that will show individual aspects that viewers are most keenly following.

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