A new report by Accenture has stated that instead of trying to create digital shock to defeat competitors, one needs to focus on using technology to empower people and thus causing disruption to existing business models. The case of Zappos has been mentioned as one where data is used to perform business analytics regarding customer needs and wants. Certain business trends are particularly trending these days. On top of that is intelligent automation mainly powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The workforce has now become liquid with the use of freelance employees working in what is often termed as the gig economy. The trust factor has risen exponentially in digital media due to improved cyber security measures. A number of firms are engaging in predictable disruption which seeks to forecast emerging business trends and create backup plans well in advance. Platform companies such as Amazon, Uber and Alibaba have become universal and several other businesses are basing themselves around these. Such platforms enable other players to earn slices out of non-competitor industries simply by associating with the market leaders.  

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