It is extremely critical for organizations to embrace digitization. And unless one is among the top tier companies such as Amazon, Google or Facebook, chances are pretty high that not enough talent has been identified ready to work with the organization. Thus as a first step it is important to have a data savvy HR team. Business analytics using data must be enforced as one of the pillars of the organization. Data must form a part of corporate culture. The culture will in turn help during talent recruitment of the best. Before recruitment though candidates’ skills with data related functions must be tested. Also, the job descriptions created must be realistic. Acute importance must be paid when data references come up. Employees’ training and development needs to paid top importance. But such training programmes must be customized depending on people concerned. The top management of the firm must themselves be data savvy so that others can learn simply by observing them. The progress of the team in this regard must be timely monitored. Finally, what is really important to create a digitized firm is to break down all information silos as knowledge must travel freely.


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