A method which can wed company culture, structure and talent together will have hit the bull’s-eye as that is going to be the next frontier for technology. That will enable more fruitful customer relationships. This will be so because employees will then be able to use social media or digital platforms to directly communicate and address customers’ issues. It will allow for complete transparency to exist between both the sides. Business analytics can also then be effectively used to allow customization of products or services. Customers can then even be involved in content creation through collaboration over projects. It will speed up the process of democratization as co-creation will lead to the boundaries between managers, executives, technicians and customers will get blurred. Employees, customers and other stakeholders can then share the same space working towards unified goal. The company will then be able to keep track of business trends which could prove to be disruptors as such platforms will allow restructuring of jobs or re-skilling of employees. Hybrid approaches involving people and robotics will then be developed by human capital practitioners.


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