Management publications are awash with articles on Big Data. Yet very few companies know how to use it properly. Data warehousing on its own is redundant if company does not follow a few basic principles. The first of those is that over-analysis may paralyze essential business tasks. All decision making post this analysis must be based around the creation of value rather than cost alone. Data must help marketers to personalize content for various campaigns. Only such data must be measured on which some action may be taken. It is also important to understand when the data must be used. Sometimes it can be used for campaign analysis on others to scrutinize customer segments. Marketing channels must be optimized using this huge chunk of data Specific messaging strategies can then be targeted using various methods such as email, phone or website. Most importantly, analysis of data adds great depth to customer engagement. The customer can be understood much better as a result of so and content can be personalized for individual personas.


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