The CEO of a startup has provided us business consulting on best ways to succeed at startups. The founder must be a fit for the intended market in terms of personality and vision. Top ideas of business innovation are arrived at by those who are good listeners. Markets that are relatively sleepy and inactive must be sought out first. Beyond the comfort zone, recruitments must be made from other industries. The corporate strategy must be aligned to needs and incentives of individual executives. The concept of Venture Capital has been overblown and it is not essential. Very few are good with hardware, so due diligence must be made before hiring those in charge of the same. In today’s businesses, the digital side must never be ignored and must be run alongside the physical operations. Also marketing must innovate. Finally, giving a personal example, the CEO Chad Laurans spoke about how SimpliSafe got its major breakthrough because of security leaks which prompted people to go for the products.

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