The business environment across the world is now such that startups are flourishing and several people who would in earlier times have settled for safe jobs, are now looking at entrepreneurship as a viable option. This has also created a horde of specialists whose job is to support these startups by lending their specialized services. It could be in the form of management training being provided by professionals, forums that bring several founders together, business innovation simulators or those that support in terms of material being provided. One such expert is We Work that has recently raised funding for its China project. They specialize in providing office space and related physical infrastructure to hordes of young entrepreneurs. Thus the entrepreneurs can focus on the actual work rather than haggling with landlords regarding office space, rentals or infrastructure. They have developed and leased out office space in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. They provide uniform support services at all their glitzy office complexes.


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