With the startup boom taking shape, the usual churn is taking place. While some are making it, many others are getting left behind. Thus some ideas have been generated which if followed can help digital startups grow. Unique experiences related to the brand must be defined. Sensations must be selected for this that are complimentary yet unique. A touch-point map might be developed to track customer lifecycle stages depending on awareness levels, interests and purchase behaviour. Periodically customers can be engaged with by connecting over top notch questions. A chart must be prepared to dovetail the growth boosters and restrainers. This list must then be incorporated in the corporate strategy so that the management can alter projections and implementation methods. All ideas which can eventually be worked on must be stored exclusively in a place termed as opportunity hopper. Finally to deliver growth, figurative sprint tracks need to be set up. This will detail all aspects of innovation such as projects, execution, key people, customer requirements, validation of ideas, consolidation of success, pilot testing, barriers to execution and follow up course of action.


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