Machine Learning (ML) is revolutionizing the way businesses proceed with their operations. ML is now more advanced than it ever was earlier reflecting in the fact that the voice recognition tool of Apple known as Siri is one of its top most popular offerings. ML also provides a challenging environment for entrepreneurs, many of whom are looking to get slices out of the booming business with their own startups. The biggest challenge posed in this industry is in terms of talent recruitment. The best of the talent, as it is limited in number, get attracted to the giants of the industry such as Google, Facebook or Apple. It is thus not very feasible to start ML based firms in Silicon Valley, rather Boston, Pittsburg or even Europe are proving to be better in some regards. Also when to sell out is a question some entrepreneurs are grappling with. Whether to sell out early post high valuation or to continue building substantial capital into the business is a quandary.


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