For startups, before succeeding at their business, it is essential to crack the code of talent recruitment. This is something on which startups are grappling to attract the best of people while competing against giants such as Google or Facebook. To do that startups can follow some basic steps such as being daring in its recruitment drives. Glassdoor has confirmed that a large majority of employees are willing to leave their jobs if they get some company which has a good reputation, so startups must keep flaunting their good employment practices. Rather than an excellent shiny CV, startups must look at candidates’ potential. It may not make financial sense to recruit someone with relevant experience, so it is better to look for integrity, liveliness and intelligence. A majority of job seekers use social media so it is essential to spread the word on such platforms. Videos have far greater reach and events such as hackathons or local meet-ups can help quell curiosity about the startup. The startup work culture of informal hierarchy and family type work environment is a big attraction to several people so this has to be taken advantage of. Existing employees must be handed challenging assignments and responsibilities so that they can grow along with the company. These people will then act as brand advocates for fresh recruitments. Startups are also known for ideating and executing business innovations allowing many to grow further at work. Finally, it is advisable to be flexible during recruitment drives as processes need not be so rigid or complicated as in bigger organizations.


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