In the modern workplace, where employees’ demands have undergone a world of change, business leaders need to be extra cautious in order to deliver the best of talent management. This will also stem the flow of talent away from the organization. Typically, employees’ concerns can be summed up by a six letter abbreviation titled- DREAMS. The D in this mnemonic stands for Difference, where employees seek to know the difference their work is making to the organization at large. R stands for Radical honesty where professionals demand to know the exact working terms and the corporate strategy of the firm. E stands for Extra value where individuals gauge which activity is leading a growth in their respective career paths. The A stands for Authenticity which denotes employees’ wish to work for something they are passionate about and a product which stands for true value. There is the M, short for Meaningful and workers want their jobs to provide meaning. Finally employees are looking at Simple rules and not bureaucratic ones which hinder work or their progress.

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