The generation classified as ‘millennial’ has created this impression of not being loyal to their organizations and indulging in job hopping. That is one reason why corporate training provided towards millennials does not aim at leadership programmes. The underlying belief is that these people will not last long enough at one organization. However, in order to get the best out of millennials it is important to understand this segment. First of all, the growth periods that they encounter are expected to be fewer than those experienced by Baby Boomers or Generation Y-ers as those people went through bubbles such as dot com boom, real estate and social. A more steady approach needs to be adopted for the present generation which understands that leadership does not only depend on seizing the opportunity when the markets are doing well, but also to maintain momentum at fallow times. Also digitization and globalization have exponentially increased competition. Thus instead of unfairly maligning this group, efforts must be made to get the best out of available talent. 



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