Ever since Fredrick Winslow Taylor published his work on scientific management in the year 1911, most corporations have become obsessed with efficiency. This has created the demand for mechanical perfection and an almost robotic dedication rather than any emphasis on creativity or business innovation. Organizations though must rather remain loyal towards their mission statements the way IBM has. IBM has it enshrined in the mission that it must work towards creating cutting edge technology which is something it continues to honour till today. While talent recruitment may be tricky, the opposite that is sacking an employee is possibly the worst part. Unless there is a requirement for a specialized skill like those possessed by Navy SEALs or heart surgeons, organizations must persevere with existing staff till possible. Dignity is something that has been spoken a lot since the idea was floated by the philosopher Immanuel Kant. Unfortunately, not all of those ideas have actually been implemented, but it is time now to deliver on those.


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