With every major political, social, economics and technological change, globalization brings about a change in every part of world. A new world is formed. A world in which, the past in no longer an indicator of the future. As such, we expect that business executives will find themselves operating in a number of new worlds in the professional life. At Skyline, our objective is to prepare our students to excel in every world they find themselves in.

Ability to work with others in a team with diverse qualification, ability and experience will be the key to success. And that is what students learn to do at Skyline through an appropriate mix of theory and practice.

Skyline  provides the platform the graduate to a New World.

Business Environment is changing ad its key parameters are witnessing a shift 

  • Geography is history
  • Time Information float, real time response
  • Sophisticated information & knowledge management systems. hence the art of decision making at a premium
  • Market making power through ideas vs market followers
  • High pace of change
  • High volatility e.g. financial meltdown in USA
  • Linkages that too in real time/cascading

Skyline’s New World Faculty have attributes that help you navigate through these changes

  • Selected keeping in ming “New World Dimensions”
  • Cutting edge industries (knowledge based sectors, economy)
  • Cutting edge – Management Consulting, IT consulting, Leisurre, Lifestyle markets, KPO, financial Secvices
  • industry change quotient of sector vs minset
  • Healthy mix of operations & strategy experience
  • Out of 92 subjects, 80 are taught by faculty from top 20 management institutes e.g. IIMs, PMS, XLRI
  • 90% have service sector experiance
  • 3/4 are from high change quotient sectors


Modern infrastructure and experience lets you stay ahead of the curve

  • Wi-fi
  • Multimedia learning aids like projectors and power point
  • WAN
  • Information sharing
  • Working on live projects

Five tier learning environment to get more

  • Faculty to student
  • Internet to student
  • Corporate to student
  • Student to student
  • Student to book



  • Interactive emphasis
  • Self learning initiatives
  • Proxy experience/case based
  • Group resources maximization
  • Articulating learning
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