Several people and organizations talk of grandiose ideas such as changing the world. This idea is rather ambiguous and overtly ambitious but has always existed in some way or other. Even a global forum such as that at Davos, Switzerland speaks in similar vein. Marketing research conducted by the Wall Street Journal went through data collected from LinkedIn profiles and deduced that this was most common a trend in the San Francisco Bay area around the Silicon Valley hub where the startup culture is strongest. Due to the power of data and the internet, common people today are dreaming of making changes which world leaders could not in earlier times. However, it would be better for all if these innovators could sustain their creations by developing things that really mattered rather than trivial mobile apps as is commonplace these days. Even if eventually people succeed in improving the world, ideas must initially be kept to themselves as that is what motivates disruptors to go for the lean startup approach.

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