Contrary to popular belief, the super successful people are as much if not more prone to bouts of depression than less successful ones. In fact business consulting publication Forbes in a report claims that CEOs are twice as likely to suffer depression than others. Further, studies have also confirmed that this affliction troubles developed, wealthy nations more than the have-nots. Part of this could be explained by the fact that the higher humans go, they tend to get lonelier as there are fewer people at those levels. The competition eventually tires even the best and most resilient of them. Resilience itself may get weaker with increased success. These uber-successful people tend to work harder than others and so much effort means that they do not enjoy the time to focus on the simple things of life which bring joy. A lot of these high achievers started out at less exalted levels and thus once they reach the higher echelons they feel detached from their roots. In several such cases, they may have valued wealth, fame or power while young which they did achieve but as they grew older, they started valuing less tangible factors more.

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