In earlier times, most people either worked in their family business or took up some job. At the workplace, they just did enough to get by and make the boss look good. Passion was not such a vital ingredient. But now several openings have emerged where employees can express themselves, display a sense of passion and work towards a certain value. If the entire workforce is divided, perhaps only a tenth on top will be those that really love their jobs. On the other hand, not much help can be provided those at the bottom quintile as they really hate their jobs and only good luck can save them. It is the middle seventy percent that is facing a quandary. Should they quit their jobs and opt for something else which they are passionate about or must they just get along? The truth is somewhere in the middle. A job they are passionate about may be just around the corner but one needs to stick to the present job for critical mass of time to ensure loyalty from the company. Eventually, the right job will come along but the struggle along the way is necessary as part of their overall management training. Very few people get their dream jobs on first attempt, but those in the middle need to inculcate skills from this one before hopping on to the ideal one, rather than simply switching jobs.


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