Some business writers have been pondering for a while on the continuing viability of organic digital marketing.Increasing number of users have installed ad blockers. However, influencer marketing is one method that still seems to be working well. Certain experts have shared their views on how this method can be tapped best. Taylor Radey says that once a keyword is searched for, a list of influencers can be gauged from its tab. This is done using list of Twitter followers, re-tweet ratio and buyer persona profile. Nicks Crosby says that very few organizations such as Shelf work in this space to reduce gap between influencers and campaigns. Any firm that has been in operation for a while, can conduct thorough business analysis to pull through a list of repeat influencers who have helped out in the past. Matt Levinson says that successful campaigns are those that have genuine organic following so when influencers speak highly about the firm, there is authentic regard among followers.


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