Freelancing has increasingly become a viable career option with numbers constantly on the rise. At present, it is understood that more than fifty million people in the USA alone are freelancers of some kind. The American cities where there are maximum numbers of freelancers, are- Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Denver. Out of this number, around fourteen million are those who have a regular job in day time and use freelancing as an add-on while another nine million have multiple clients. The others are pure freelancers moving from project to project. This surge has been due to several reasons such as the entrepreneurship big that has hit young people across the world. Millennials do not want to get bogged down by regular nine to five jobs but instead wish to pursue their passions. The job cuts during the period of recession further gave rise to freelancing. Business researchconducted by Paychex has brought into focus some interesting trends. Far from the glamour of the freedom of the profile, many freelancers give up this routine after a year in search of job security or company benefits.


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