The number of freelancers is one the rise although reasons for this career decision often vary between individuals. Often it is a matter of choice where a person feels he / she can earn more or enjoys the independence associated. In other cases, people got dragged into such a life but got comfortable along the way to continue being a freelancer in the longer run. Certain steps need to be followed in order to succeed as a freelancer. First of all, one needs to tap into one’s own network. Some projects may emanate from within one’s circles. Beyond that, there has to be a constant attempt at forging new connections such as fellow freelancers or contacts at various types of companies. The freelancer must also decide one’s fee before venturing out for business development. To ensure all financial matters are well taken care of, the freelancer must associate with a skillful accountant. The freelancer must also possess basic knowledge of legal matters. Legal and financial soundness will enable all paperwork to be in proper order. A freelancer has to one’s own best marketer. Digital marketing is usually the best means of reaching out to the maximum number of people. However, the person concerned must not take up too much work at one time and thus have an undisciplined schedule as that can be detrimental. Crucially, he / she has to be prepared for some dry fallow periods during any financial year.


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