MBAs from Harvard Business School are increasingly changing their career path. Traditionally graduates from Harvard would end up at investment banks such as Goldman Sachs but now instead of opting for finance based careers, they are instead flocking to technology based ones around the San Francisco Bay Area. The reasons for this shift are myriad. It started with the financial crisis and collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008. The sector was full of problems, average salaries dwindled and perks were cut off largely. The business innovations currently being tried or implemented in the tech based firms of the Bay Area meanwhile enable young people to become entrepreneurial as is happening with the startup boom. Working hours and conditions are flexible. Thus from a high of 13% of the batch in 2007 to only 5% of the same in 2016 have opted for investment banking jobs. This is in stark contrast to the rise from 7% to 20% of share in the tech industry.


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