The growing usage of cloud and the explosive growth of smart phones has given birth to ‘unicorn,’ a symbol of start-up dreams and disruptive change. Cloud can be the catalyst for capital starved entrepreneurs to come up with innovative business ideas disrupting not only entire industries but also the way we live, consume and procure information, goods and services. Cloud is cost effective, offers high scalability and eliminates the need for expensive technology infrastructure. Innovation capacity refers to the ability of an organization to shift resources to focus on new high-value business opportunities. Cloud can assist organizations to create surplus innovation capacity by removing IT resources from redundant maintenance and upgrade job. This spare innovation capacity can be leveraged to implement digital transformation and bring improvements in operations, productivity and digital consumer experience.  The report highlights how resources freed by Cloud in Australia were used effectively to improve business as well as capacity of both, employees and businesses. This created 9,914 direct new jobs and $1.8 billion in revenues in 2015 and the future looks bright. So, include cloud in your corporate strategy to release surplus innovation capacity.

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