Technologies that have disrupted society have been identified in a study. First of all there is Slack that has revolutionized communication within organizations rendering emails as less relevant now. User generated content is replacing the expert opinions written from the ivory tower, thus democratizing content. The startup culture has gained credence with 2015 heralding what may be termed as the age of entrepreneurship. The Paris Summit on the Environment did bring some progress in terms of countries accepting joint responsibilities. Powerful algorithms in use now mean that business intelligence is capturing enormous amount of information about each one of us. This is also being aided by the use of wearable technologies. Artificial Intelligence or machine learning is also increasingly becoming mainstream. MOOCs is facilitating Executive MBA programmes to flourish. Open source tools are gaining popularity and Cloud based computing is increasingly being used by technology platforms. We are getting increasingly conscious of cyber security and privacy. Apps are fuelling what can be termed as technology addiction. Customers are making use of digital wallets and mobile payment services to complete transactions. And then there is video which is making inroads hooking customers more readily.


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