Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) may now be applied in a multitude of business applications, though many organizations do not yet understand the exact ways of doing so. Infrastructure services and solutions may be worked out by this tech as being done by Cisco. Financial advisors RAA is using the same for its cybersecurity requirements. In the health care industry, it helps in early detection of anomalies as well as helping in cost saving. AI automated tools are helping in talent recruitment by identifying the right fit candidates. AI is also building intelligent conversational interfaces which provide product information, particularly useful for hotels and retail outlets. Energy use and costs have been lowered at Atomiton. Vulnerability can be detected early on as done at Kenna Security. The vast data warehousing taking place is enabling business insights to help with predicting market behaviour and to deliver most customer-centric solutions. The speed of reading written tests is going up and resilience validation taking place. Intentions and behaviours can now be better understood using AI. The accounting, fintech and billing functions performing much better. Even while submitting proposals, the review process, now taking place quicker.


Uploaded Date:13 November 2018

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