A study conducted by the Forbes publication has identified 4 ways in which business processes are getting altered by making use of technology. In MBA institutes, students are taught to think linear in step by step pattern, yet in the real world technology changes exponentially and the present world is fraught with number of S-curves which imply overnight change in trends. In earlier times, industrial giants used to be insulated from market forces due to their scale of operations but that is no more the case. While giants such as US Steel, Kodak and Xerox have either faltered or suffered in business, unicorns such as Facebook and Google have overnight become giants. Business models would in earlier times be embedded as a sacrosanct part of corporate strategy but now these keep transforming so frequently that managers need to be on the look-out for key changes constantly. Ultimately, it is the executive level on the ground which is the face of the company and their dealings build or hamper the company image. The top management no longer has control over operations in a knowledge economy, so it is best to train the executive level to produce results as best as possible.


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