We tend to think of ourselves as very rational beings and our technologies as all powerful, yet a lot of the latter are just kluges, improvisations on older methods. The world of technology is actually quite messy and thus professionals in that field have a lot to learn from biologists. One such way is to inculcate errors as part ofcorporate training so that one can learn from past errors or unexpected events. Netflix has created this platform called Chaos Monkey that on purpose shuts down systems so that when such an accident actually takes, place its engineers are well placed to rectify the problem. Like biologists, technologists must also use evolutionary thinking to understand processes as a lot of events are as a result of past happenings. In order to learn holistically, biologists start with small steps. They will chronicle the interactions within a specie or between a few of them before charting out the overall evolutionary or ecosystem dynamics. Similarly, technologists must also focus on intricate details before designing major objects.


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