The penetration of the mobile phone has changed business paradigms like never before in Asia. Stark differences still remain in the consumption patterns both within the continent as well as with other parts of the world. Singapore and South Korea do not only top the regional ranks but are amongst the global leaders in terms of smartphone penetration, way higher than otherwise economic powerhouses USA or UK. Other top performers in this region include the likes of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. While India and Indonesia register lower levels of penetration, their high populations mean fertile potential for business. As per marketing researchconducted by Google’s APAC division, more than seventy percent of populations in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and China use smartphones to greater extent than laptops of desktops. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia register highest social media usage patterns. People in the highly urbanized places such as Hong Kong and Singapore show highest propensity to check mails on phones. Asian populations from emerging nations also show greater acceptance of business opportunities arising through new technologies than people from established markets such as Japan, or Australia.


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