With digital transformation taking hold over several organizations, some mistakes in its implementation are bound to occur. Some major ones have been listed down. The first mistake committed is digital washing. Here washing refers to anything that has been excessively used such as whitewashing where the entire place has been painted in white. The word digital has been added to far too many terms. The next mistake is comparing all forms of digital disruption to that done by Uber. Another problem is that while many want to get a slice of the cake, few are providing integrated services. Marketers speak about digital marketing, agencies discuss branding, designers about customer experience and tech vendors know about the technology itself. In this way, the bigger picture is getting ignored. Sometimes dude to too much focus on the technology, marketers are ignoring what the customer actually needs. A lot of content sent to customers in any form is not user friendly. A lot of organizations are treating digital transformation just as business transformation. However unlike in the latter, there is no end point in the former. Once a certain stage is reached, the business world may latch on to the next latest trend.


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