Contrary to popular perception, digital transformation is not driven by major technological upgrades. Instead it is the result of organizational change in terms of mindset. Visa for example has successfully leapt to the digital age but it’s the organization structure that has seen change. Earlier Visa was divided into silos such as marketing, IT, product, legal or risk functions. This led to information being contained within those silos, but the change brought about better alignment across departments. With marketing too, paid, earned and owned media were earlier perceived by the company as three independent approaches but soon it was realized that consumers do not view it that way and thus the streamlining process was initiated. Teams were thus reorganized where there were members from various backgrounds. The departments were now divided horizontally rather than vertically as earlier. Another way in which Visa was able to change its earlier market perception was the fact that the company excelled at talent management. It has a vast pool of well trained personnel but also does thorough homework before recruiting from external sources. This includes study of candidates’ social media background.


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