As per business research conducted recently by the Workforce Institute, it has emerged that there is no clear winner in the stakes to identify who defines workplace culture. The HR, managers and employees all disagree on certain points. Employees feel that it is they who dictate the workplace culture. This trend is especially strong among millennials. HR and managers though feel otherwise. Worryingly, a significant chunk of respondents feel that culture is arbitrary and not defined by any one segment in particular. Employees cite pay, work-life balance and collaboration levels with colleagues as the most important considerations which matter at workplace. HR though cites employee benefits and leadership shown by management as top attributes required. High level of stress was found out to be generally something which killed workplace culture. Due to technology and job – shifting trends among newer recruits, pressure at work has taken on a different shape. Glassdoor which is an employer review forum has created pressures on the companies to develop a positive workplace culture.


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