Some signs exist which clearly point out to a company’s culture having problems. The first such sign is when a good period is defined as when no problems took place, all deadlines were met and the top management was satisfied. At such places, policies and procedures exist for everything. Corporate training for managers at such firms focuses on best practices in the industry but not on new innovative techniques. This training is mainly focused on supervision rather than coaching or inspiration. A corporate strategy exists with detailed plans ad forecasts, but individual employees are not passionate about the goals as there is no glue holding all together. Top managers often threaten others on job security. These employees are in fact measured and rated against each other on every parameter. Micromanagement is done over small matters such as punctuality or dress code. Employees quitting is a regular affair and no discussion takes place on the matter. Even the HR department joins in by only discussing hard topics such as policies, rules, benefits and compensation rather than soft matters such as work-life balance.


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