Corporate culture has long been known as a bedrock for any organization to have a good recruitment and talent management trends but now it has been understood that beyond that, it is also invaluable in marketing efforts. As per a study conducted, three-fifths of potential customers want to know about the work culture before signing up for a product as they feel that only good workplaces can deliver equally good product or service value. This is especially true for younger people. Organizations which have cracked a good culture must not just mention it on the website but go beyond by recording videos or podcasts of the same and broadcasting them to people. Starbucks is one company that has successfully done this. This kind of corporate culture will not develop overnight but will need to be nurtured over a period of time. It is the little things that can often seal a deal rather than core values. Clients are often more interested in the daily work routine than any bombastic corporate strategydocument can ascertain.


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