For organizations growing at rapid pace, talent recruitment is amongst the most important tasks ahead for them. A study conducted by the Harvard Business School estimates that a toxic worker ends up leaking the recruiting company of US$ 12,500 in a year. ERE Media claims even higher amounts are lost in replacing these failed recruits. Recruitment today has moved beyond the company short listing candidates. Instead, power of negotiation lies firmly with employees. These losses can thus be mitigated using certain steps. The responsibility of recruitment must not lie solely with the HR team but must be a shared task. Proper investment of time and money must be made to ensure recruitment processes are well in place. The actual recruiters must be provided with adequate resources to evaluate candidate skills and experience. Beyond recruitment, the company must ensure that attrition is stopped. This can be smoothed out by investing on boarding and management trainingprogrammes. Finally, the recruiters need to evaluate whether the candidates can fit in to the company culture. The aspirant’s own value system must match the organization’s.


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