Some of the great thinkers of modern human history have spoken about the centrality of love to our lives. Yet, workplaces seem devoid of this work. Thus a team within the Harvard Business Review set out to explore important tenets of love that augur well at the workplace. First of all the word – love – must not be used, but instead compassion, kindness or respect are better appreciated at such formal environments. Love is the glue that binds other departments such as finance, marketing or corporate strategy. Compassion can also lead to victorious sports teams such as Saracens in Rugby or the Seattle Seahawks in Football. The expressions of love are contagious and move freely from organization to employee and then to external suppliers and the society at large. Love is more readily accepted and openly spoken of in founder-led or family businesses than large impersonal corporations. An exception to the latter is the military. It must be understood that love at the workplace exists side by side with business operations but needs to be better noticed as Whole Foods and Southwest Airlines have successfully done. 


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