The culture of a company is like the litmus test to gauge whether the organization can undergo digital transformation or not. A slow decision making process with a top-down communication flow is not conducive to digital transformation. Gone are the days where all decisions had to flow top-down, instead modern organizations have more democratic work structures. The fear factor must not be dominant in firms looking to enter the digital age. In firms which cannot, members of the C-suite often show a shocking inability to show value. Such companies veer away from the bigger aims of the corporate strategy and instead focus on singular aspects in what is known as tunnel vision. Certain tactics have been suggested to rectify these errors. Infighting over positions at the C-suite need to be eliminated right away. Employees must be provided certain level of freedom at work instead of being controlled by fear. The company must be flexible enough to take value ideas and feedback from the external world. Most importantly, all decision making must be spread right across the organization.


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