With employee engagement rising in importance across organizations, some trends have been chronicled which all management professionals ought to know. As per business research conducted by ORC International, it has been found out that engagement has been steadily rising and is now valued at a level of 63%. This percentage though differs from region to region with the Asia-Pacific region scoring a robust 68% and Europe doing much worse. Within the former region, India scores a high of 81% but Japan and Hong Kong are even below average Europe levels. Also this engagement is different for varying groups. Senior employees have a fifth greater engagement to others. Similarly, those involved directly with customers do better on this count than back-end operators. Even millennials tend to do better than Baby Boomers. Engagement is good for the actual business performances, as the survey found out that companies doing badly in this count were twice as like to get employees report as ‘sick’ compared to the star performers.


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