The Internet of Things has already made inroads into all major business processes. Due to its heavy influence, business has now increasingly come under the influence of technology. Marketing research recently concluded by the Forbes Technology Council has drawn up a list of ways in which this shift will impact businesses. It may end up as just another facet of business. IT is getting increasingly critical to management tasks and IoT’s influence is already being felt. Business innovation will further get the stimulus if coordination between IT and management increases. IoT will form part of this innovation cycle. For such reasons the role of organizations; IT department is changing rapidly. Some however feel that technology is just one part of business. Others feel that these days technology projects are never in isolation but part of business projects. Technology development too has become more inclusive in nature as such ventures require the human touch for connecting with final users. IT security needs to be beefed up as that is an essential ingredient of present times and a cause for concern if not identified correctly.


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