For quite some time, industry insiders have been hyping up the technologies behind the Internet of Things (IoT), yet no tangible benefits seem to arise out of the same for general consumers. Talk on IoT still revolves around technical jargon. Marketing research conducted by Accenture clearly shows that demand for smartphones has reduced but this has not instead paved the market to open up for IoT. One of the hindrances seems to be that all devices are run through separate controlling systems and there is no single connector. Uber has solved this problem by relating to an actual problem and that is how IoT based businesses need to tap up the emotional side where customers can connect with. First of all, IoT can target the fact that it can be extremely useful for senior citizens lacking mobility of younger people. Security against petty crime as well as terror threats is something where interconnected devices can forewarn us all. IoT can also be a safety net against physical loss of objects. With the help of location tracking sensors, Bluetooth wireless, GPS, mapping software and smartphone apps all objects can be kept track of and located easily in case of loss. Source

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