Robert has come up with an interesting 360 degree on the thought that one should focus on resolving the big issue and everything else will be resolved automatically and the famous 80/20 rule. And guess what, he makes sense. He does this by comparing managing in an organization with programming by web developers and suggests that apart from the thinking big thoughts the high level managers need to also make sure that these small mundane things also work. Quite a few times, the ignorance of these mundane things can lead to disaster.Robert has tried to support his contention by elucidating three lessons that high level managers can learn from web developers. One that being “off-by-one” or being extremely close is partial success but not success. Two, being redundant is not always bad as having a back-up plan is good thinking. The developers always have inbuilt checks and balances for critical processes so that nothing major goes wrong.Management trainingof managers should also include discussion on how to avoid the common myth that being “off by one” cannot lead to major consequences.

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