Online education is getting more and more popular. It is at the takeoff stage with the present global market at $91 billion and expected to grow annually by 20 percent till 2017. The growth of elearning is dependent on the growth of cloud technology which offers seamless information access, easily sharable data and multi-user collaboration, an ideal environment for a virtual classrooms. Technology related to online-learning platforms has improved considerably making them flexible and easily accessable on a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets. The sources for developing content have also increased. Online-learning platforms offer businesses a flexible and cost effective corporate training option. Here Adam discusses six new promising cloud-based learning platforms (TalentLMS, Moodle,  Degreed, BIStrainer, BizLibrary and Grovo) that are expected to boost the elearning marketplace. If you have interest in elearning and online education, then you must definitely read this article  to gain knowledge of these latest tools of online education. 

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