You may not believe it but today, knowledge and expertise are increasingly  becoming a commodity? Now everyone can become an expert with just a click. Talk to experts in auditing, engineering and business consulting and they will voice their concern about the trend that professional knowledge is becoming a commodity. For instance, automation of preparation of tax returns and auditing. Also, all the information including the latest about any field is already available on the internet and clients are wanting to know what they don’t already know. In addition, a lot of the content is being written by Artificial intelligence.  

Expertise or complex knowledge no longer demands the huge premium it used to in the past. Firms now fear vulnerability and expect instant response. The question is if the traditional delivery of expertise is no longer acceptable then what is? The answer maybe lies in the trust equation. What is this trust equation? To find out, we urge you to read this article and also discover what is becoming more and more important today, “what you know” or “who you know?” 

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